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Forced Air Furnaces

This is a ducted heating system that can be used as a stand-alone furnace or as a supplement to another heating system to provide space or fresh air make-up heating. When there is a call for heat, the furnace transfers the stored heat from its brick core into the duct system and distributed.

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Hydronic Furnaces

This furnace blends hydronic heating with Electric Thermal (ETS) technology. It heats water that is used to distribute heat for space, water or fresh-air make-up heating. Through the use of a heat exchanger, the stored heat in the bricks is transferred to water or a water/glycol solution which is circulated directly to areas where heat is needed or to other various types of heat exchange devices.

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How the systems work

The Commercial ThermElect Furnaces are designed to store demand free, off-peak electricity in specially designed, high density ceramic bricks for heating commercial, industrial or institutional buildings.

During off-peak times or when power demand is low, the bricks are heated to the appropriate level based on outdoor temperature and the heating requirements and/or the power capacity of the building. The stored heat is automatically delivered as needed to satisfy heating requirements.

The ThermElect unit can store and discharge heat simultaneously, so the units can be used as a sole heating system or as a slave unit to a third party energy management controller for space, water or make-up heating requirement needs. 

A ThermElect heating system has the ability to reduce your facilities peak power load profile for several hours. With multiple sizes ranging from 53kW to 160kW and storage capacities of approximately 1.1 — 3.3 million BTU, there is a forced air or hydronic system available to effectively heat most commercial, industrial or institutional applications.

Load and Energy Management Solution

The ThermElect unit has its own built-in energy and load management control system or it can easily be interfaced with most other third party energy management controllers for regulation of its usage.

With its built-in load management system, the furnace can serve as an energy and demand control center within the facility. This control system allows the furnace to regulate its own electric usage based on the available off-peak power at any given time in the facility. The facility manager has the ability to input the building’s maximum monthly kW load (demand) parameters into the unit. As the building demand approaches this load limit, the ThermElect unit will automatically reduce its consumption rate accordingly.

DenKar also offers an optional Energy Management Controller that can be interfaced to the furnace. This controller enables the furnace to also regulate the operation of up to 16 other external loads as a means to control total kW consumption in the building.

The ThermElect unit’s built-in energy management control system along with optional remote mounted external interface control device provide a turnkey solution for customers.

Well Managed Control with BACnet and SCR

BACnet Control

DenKar commercial heating furnaces are available with a BACnet control option. This device is easily integrated into most building automation systems to provide building managers full control and visibility of the heating system’s operation. BACnet allows the following functions to be monitored with simple, twisted pair communication:

SCR Control

The Steffes SCR Control Panel is an optional device that is designed to interface with Steffes commercial heating systems (6100, 7100, 8100 and 9100 series). It provides solid state, variable input control and power regulation to precisely meet the power management needs of the facility or utility. The SCR control can receive an input signal from a remote energy management signal (4-20mA or 1-5 Volts DC) or from the pulse output from a utility meter as dictated in the heating unit's programming. The SCR control is rated for maximum connected load of 100 amps in 208V, 240V, 240/416,
277/480 and 347/600 volt systems.



The ThermElect commercial off-peak heating systems are extremely flexible. Their versatility allows them to be used in, but not limited to, any of the following applications:

Various facilities have been successful in reducing their peak demand, better managing their energy consumption and improving their load factor using the ThermElect off-peak heating system some of which include:

To learn more about how electric thermal storage systems can save you money, contact DenKar.

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